We will be CLOSED December 24, 25, and 26th. We will reopen with our normal schedule on December 27th.

We will be CLOSED December 31st – January 2nd and will reopen with our normal schedule on January 3rd.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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Welcome to Atlanta Krav Maga and Fitness!

We are the best source for Krav Maga in the Southeastern United States.

All of our instructors are professionally trained and tested through the Krav Maga Worldwide National Training Center in Los Angeles. If you want to learn how to defend your life or the lives of your loved ones AND get in the best shape of your life at the same time then there is no better place to do it than right here. Book a visit to come by to see our school and meet the staff. During your visit you can tell us what your goals are and together we can determine a training program that’s best for you.

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Fitness Program



Build a strong core through this intense 30 minute class. Each class offers you different workouts that focus on your core muscle groups. the intensity of the workouts develop muscle tone, practical strength, and help you lose weight.

Proper lifting form and function are taught closely to target those core muscles that will be essential in an adverse situation. This class includes weight lifting and core fitness utlizing free weights, medicine balls, and body-weight.


Kettlebell Conditioning is focusing on improving your flexibility, balance, strength, and endurance. Kettlebells have been used for years in Russia as one of their main ways to condition their Athletes and Soldiers. Kettlebell Conditioning builds real, functional muscle used in your everyday life. You will see how Kettlebell training will develop explosive power in your entire body. Combine strength and cardio and see the results of faster fat loss and muscle tone. photo


mitts_deyn This is a one hour class that focuses on getting you in shape using exercise routines that are commonly used by Boxers, Wrestlers, and Kickboxers. You will get to use Jump Ropes, Bulgarian Bags and plenty of Bodyweight exercises. Each class also contains approximately 30 minutes of fast paced Focus Mitt or Thai Pad training. Boxing Gloves and a sweat towel required.


Thai Pad is a 60 minute class that utilizes Muay Thai pads. The class consists of various punching and kicking combinations. The Thai pads allow you to strike as hard as you can, giving you an intense workout with defenses, striking, combinations, and counters. Boxing Gloves and a sweat towel required. bagwork_male_fq8x
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Krav Maga Program



This is our main program at AKMF. Krav Maga is the official hand-to-hand combat system of the Israeli Defense Forces. It’s also the preferred system for U.S. Military and law enforcement personnel. Krav Maga is not a traditional martial art. No katas. No rituals. Based on simple principles and instinctive movements, this reality-based system is designed to teach real self defense in the shortest possible time.


Learn to defend against common chokes, grabs, and bearhugs, as well as weapons such as guns, knives, and sticks.Just as important, we teach people to function during the stress and shock of a sudden, violent encounter. Tested on the battlefield and in the streets, Krav Maga’s practical approach to self defense will make you safer and more secure.

Each 60 minute class is an excellent workout for all fitness levels. All new students begin in Level 1 classes. You can expect to get in great shape, learn the basic combatives, and self defense. You will spend about 4 months in level 1 before you are invited to take the test for Level 2.



This class is reserved for sworn Law Enforcement officers only. We cover combatives, weapon disarms, weapon retention, arrest and control and plenty more. We priodically offer FREE Training Seminars that are open to any sworn officer but we are also available for a custom seminar upon request. We primarily teach at Fulton County Public Safety Training Center as well as hold Law Enforcement Seminars at our facility in Roswell. Any sworn officer is welcome to attend, please call for further details.

Class Videos

Partner Drills

Choke Defense [hands tied]

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Women’s Only Krav Maga


Our Women Only program is comprised of seminars and a weekly class. The seminars are open to any female age 16 or older. Each seminar has a different area of focus such as Home Invasion, Parking Lot Attacks, Rape Prevention and others. Expecting the best and preparing for the worst is what this class is about.

The weekly class is for members of AKMF only. Keep an eye on the NEWS AND EVENTS page for announcements of upcoming seminars.

Ground & Pound

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Kid’s Krav Maga



The COURAGE to stand up to Bullies
The KNOWLEDGE to say no to Strangers
The DISCIPLINE to walk away from Trouble

Georgias’ only Krav Maga program for kids. The program is for boys and girls ages 7-12. Our program teaches real, effective, practical self-defense that is easy to learn. Much like the adult program, there are no forms or katas, no oaths to memorize. Our focus is to have a solid program that turns kids into good martial artists and great people NOT to get your money and make them a Black Belt as fast as possible. The self-defense is only one benefit of our program. Your kids will also develop qualities that will help make them into responsible, respectful, adults. They will demonstrate to you that they know the meaning of Confidence, Integrity, Discipline, Focus, Respect, Honesty, Courage and many other important qualities. Each 45 minute class is great exercise and a lot of fun. All classes have exciting drills and obstacle courses that leave no room for down time. If you want your kids to participate in a fun activity that actually teaches them a useful skill then come try one of our classes for free and see if our Kids Krav Maga program is right for you.

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Professional Testimonies

Mark Hicks Interview for I, Alex Cross

Eric Sepeda is a Krav Maga expert. We wanted authentic Krav Maga…Eric came in and he was excellent, professional, knowledgeable, attentive and he has a great demeanor that makes him very, very, easy to work with.


Tyler Perry on Krav Maga

[KRAV MAGA] It is the most intense, most amazing work-out that I’ve ever experienced in my life, and I kept it up, after the movie, because when it’s all done, it’s so relaxing. … It also helps me keep my weight down. It’s really intense, and I can kick some ass. I’m getting there!




“I wanted the climactic fight of ‘I, Alex Cross’ between Tyler and Matthew Fox to have a true Krav Maga theme…
I asked Krav Maga instructor Eric Sepeda to fly to Cleveland where I was shooting and to help Tyler Perry fight in TRUE Krav Maga style. Not only did he help Perry but was a great help to me and the fight co-ordinator Mark Hicks… The result was a wicked battle royale fought with Krav Maga truth. He did a superlative job.


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Student & Instructor Testimonies

Easy to remember moves…practical application.
-J. C. Acworth, GA


Atlanta Krav Maga has helped me improve my fitness level, build self confidence, and relieve stress.
-Denise H, Marietta, GA


I started going to AKMF about 10 months ago. From day one, I could see that their teachings of self defense and combatives actually work. The instructors are all very knowledgeable and encouraging and always keep you interested and wanting to learn more. Not only have I found a work out that is teaching me how I could save my life or the life of others, it is stress relieving, rigorous, has given me self confidence and I have gone down 5 pant sizes!!! Everyone needs to know this valuable system. It will get you into shape, and can save your life!!!
-Morgan J, Atlanta, GA




Great teachers, great program. No martial art has gotten me in such great shape!
-Matt C, Alpharetta, GA


Practical and immediatly useful.
-A. W, Atlanta, GA

What I found at Atlanta Krav Maga is exactly what I had been seeking – a challenging and intense workout that places a deadly serious emphasis on effective, real world self-defense. There is no watered-down technique here. The instructors are amazing, infinitely patient, and the environment is not intimidating for the everyday average guy like me. It’s very refreshing to train hard in an ego-free environment and have a blast doing it. The workouts never get boring, repetitive, or easy. Every class is interesting and challenging.

-Steve S., Atlanta, GA


…everything presented from real life situations
-A.T. Roswell, GA

I have been engaged in Atlanta Krav Mage for over a year now. I am currently a level 2; which means I have taken the required amount of classes and passed a test that was so hard I didn’t think was possible...

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Buckhead at The Forum Schedule


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Roswell Schedule

Roswell Schedule

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