Fitness Program



Build a strong core through this intense 30 minute class. Each class offers you different workouts that focus on your core muscle groups. the intensity of the workouts develop muscle tone, practical strength, and help you lose weight.

Proper lifting form and function are taught closely to target those core muscles that will be essential in an adverse situation. This class includes weight lifting and core fitness utlizing free weights, medicine balls, and body-weight.


Kettlebell Conditioning is focusing on improving your flexibility, balance, strength, and endurance. Kettlebells have been used for years in Russia as one of their main ways to condition their Athletes and Soldiers. Kettlebell Conditioning builds real, functional muscle used in your everyday life. You will see how Kettlebell training will develop explosive power in your entire body. Combine strength and cardio and see the results of faster fat loss and muscle tone. photo


mitts_deyn This is a one hour class that focuses on getting you in shape using exercise routines that are commonly used by Boxers, Wrestlers, and Kickboxers. You will get to use Jump Ropes, Bulgarian Bags and plenty of Bodyweight exercises. Each class also contains approximately 30 minutes of fast paced Focus Mitt or Thai Pad training. Boxing Gloves and a sweat towel required.


Thai Pad is a 60 minute class that utilizes Muay Thai pads. The class consists of various punching and kicking combinations. The Thai pads allow you to strike as hard as you can, giving you an intense workout with defenses, striking, combinations, and counters. Boxing Gloves and a sweat towel required. bagwork_male_fq8x