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About Our Logo

Our Logo represents us and the system of Krav Maga itself. It contains the A,K, and M. It has 7 sides representing the 7 belts, the 7 angles of elbows, the 7 angles of Blocking. It has an open space near the top for new information to flow in and an open space near the bottom for old information to flow out.

Unleash The Unexpected

This has a dual meaning. When someone attacks a person it is because they don't think that person can fight back. When they attack a person who has trained with us they will "Unleash the Unexpected."

They get what they did not expect. The OTHER meaning is when you first begin to train you may have never thrown a punch before or maybe didn' t have a lot of confidence. After a short time of training with us you will "Unleash the Unexpected" in you. You will be doing things you may never have thought you were capable of.

Why Should You Wrap Your Hands?

We can wrap your hands for you in the beginning as many times as it takes until you get the hang of it. Wrapping your hands is safer for you when you punch. It makes a tight fist and helps to keep your wrist straight.

If you don't wrap your hands and you have to leave class to get a band-aid then the LEARNING STOPS. You are missing out on training and your training partner is standing there waiting for you to come back and THEY have also stopped learning now. Wrapping your hands keeps the learning moving.

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