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We DO NOT offer pay per class or month to month options. A vital element to your self defense training is a good training partner. To be a good training partner, you must attend class consistently. A good training partner holds the pad for you while you punch and kick and they are your attacker in self defense drills. Being a good attacker for you in class makes your self defense better. No one can become effective at self defense with a training partner that only wants to attend once or twice or drops in for a class here or there. We are committed to having a student body of the most prepared Krav Maga practitioners possible. A person that does not train consistently cannot be a good training partner to the other students and therefore cannot contribute to strengthening our school overall.

Could not find pricing on our website? Correct. You won't. We want people who are interested in Krav Maga to make themselves and those around them safer, not people who are only interested in price. If you are shopping around for the cheapest option, we are NOT IT. If you're interested in the best Krav Maga training available, book an appointment to try a class or take a tour and we will happily go over membership options as part of your appointment.

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